Tues, Nov 17, 2020-More Monterey

Today has been an extraordinary day for several reasons. First, we spent this morning selecting and making a deposit on a new member of our family! The new member is currently a one-week old red poodle pup. Here’s a pic of him and his twin brother:

Don’t they look like a couple of sausages? They will be weaned and ready to be picked up around the middle of January or so. Speaking of his twin brother, our daughter Sara has selected him! Diana and Sara have even tentatively picked names for the twins: Fred and George named after the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. So our little parti poodle Dottie will have a little brother!
The second great thing that we did today was take a 5.5 to six mile walk around Monterrey. This included around part of the bay . . . .
to Steinbeck’s Cannery Row . . . . . (If you look carefully you can see the Monterey Bay Aquarium at the far end of the street)
to Pacific Grove
Pacific Grove is known as “Butterfly Town, U.S.A.” because millions of Monarch Butterflies migrate to Pacific Grove from Colorado for the winter.
Looking at this picture reminds me that this section of the CA coast IS beautiful! It seems that this area is full of Cypress and Palm trees and almost anything else that grows out of the ground.
We saw something interesting walking back to the truck. There is about a block long section of Cannery Row that hasn’t been remodeled or built on since it was lined with fish canneries. There is a piece of an elevated section of an old cannery that is covered with seagulls. We thought these were black crows at first until we saw them from the other angle. If you look closely, there is a single seagull facing us and it’s entirely white! Anyway, here’s the pic:

We also saw these two beautiful fountains along the shore: (and I saw the beautiful woman standing by the second fountain!)

The last thing that made today into an extraordinary day is that we had a Fine Dining Experience this evening . . . . yes, there is a Costco here and that $1.50 hot dog and Diet Pepsi went down VERY well!
Tomorrow? We’ll see whether it’s Big Sur, Point Lobos, or the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Pacific Grove. Stay tuned!


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