Wednesday, Oct 7, 2020-Buckskin Canyon

Antelope Canyon is closed so the next best thang is Buckskin Canyon about 40 miles North of Page up in Utah. From Highway 89, it’s an eight mile drive on a dirt road and a 1.7 mile hike to the canyon. Here’s a pic of the 1.7 mile hike back to Buckskin:

And THIS is the shallow part of the slot canyon! Once we reached Buckskin, it varies from 50 to 80 feet straight up the canyon walls. Here are a couple of pics of the main part of the canyon:

There are warnings everywhere about the flood danger when you’re in the canyon! At first we sorta questioned it until we reached the point where there was a huge pile of wood debris about 40-50 feet up the canyon walls-this made believers out of us! It’s almost hard to see in this pic but you CAN see the logs and wood above the head of the ol’ man!

Look at the top part of this pic closely:

Two things were especially interesting. The first is that part of the slot canyon were so narrow. Catch this

The other interesting fact is that we had to slide down an eight-foot tall boulder that was blocking Wire Pass Trail on the way to the canyon. On the way there, I went first and helped Diana slide down it. While we were fighting to get down it, there was a man there to build a ladder to get down. We were in the canyon for 3-4 hours and this is what we saw when we saw when we got back:

THANK YOU to Trail Volunteers!


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