Sunday, Oct 18, 2020-St George, UT

 We drove to St George to be closer to Zion NP but discovered a new treasure trove-Restaurants! The first one we went to on Friday was an In ‘n Out Burger, yesterday was Panda Express, and today was a FDE-Fine Dining Experience at Costco! Ya gotta understand we’ve been 5.5 months near Durango, CO, in Page, AZ, and several small towns in SW Utah so our eating out options have been very limited! We still have Chipotle, Five Guys, and Cracker Barrel to go. 

We drove to Zion NP last Thursday afternoon to try to get information on visiting the park but we didn’t take any pics yet. One of the things we learned on our quick visit last week is that private vehicles aren’t allowed on the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Shuttles run up and down the 8~mile drive but it’s flat so why not ride our bikes? That’s the plan for Monday and Wednesday this week. I’ll be posting pics along the way. 

I was rereading about our hike into Bryce Canyon last week but realized I forgot something! Hiking OUT of the canyon was very hard mainly because of the elevation! Above is a pic of D2-Diana and Dottie by a sign showing the elevation.

Come to think of it, that’s about 8,250 ft higher than the elevation of Kingwood. No so wonder we were winded! Here are a couple more pics of Bryce Canyon and its hoodoos:


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