Monday, Oct 19, 2020-Biking Zion NP

 Zion is a magnificent NP! The part of the park that is accessible by road is very limited. We drove the Mt Carmel-Zion road last Thursday to get a feel for the park and yesterday we rode our bikes on the other road into the park. It’s called the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. It goes about nine miles from the Visitor Center to the end of the road at the Temple of Sinawava. 

Here are a couple of pics of us along the road:

The route is lined with almost vertical canyon walls Of different shapes that reach thousands of feet. 

Here are more of these canyon walls:

Did we like Zion? Of course! The scenery is out of this world and displays a number of different geological periods deposited over millions of years. 
Is it our favorite NP? No, we preferred Bryce Canyon partially because of the crowds here. Zion is the closest NP in UT to the large population centers in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and even LA so it’s a super popular destination. Plus, Zion is close to Grand Canyon NP and the Grand Canyon is a multiple of 10 when it comes to size and dimensions of diversity. 
We’re staying here in St George until Friday for some R & R before heading out to WHOKNOWSWHERE!


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