Tuesday, October 1st-Ever See the Movie “Deliverance?”

Today marks six months that Diana and I have lived and traveled in the RV. Do we have disagreements? Yes, that’s natural but our disagreements are only on days that end in “Y!” 😍

I’m asking about this movie because we feel like that where we were today! We picked up a Lewis County Trail Guide and found two trails that looked good for exploring-Covel Creek #228 and Covel Creek Falls #228A. There was only one sign on the highway for a trail so ..... we struck off looking for Kraus Ridge Trail in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The sign should have warned us but noooooooo!
The first thing we noticed about the one-mile road to the trail is that it was very narrow, one-way, with very few places to turn around or park. Do you agree? (Yes, we drove this “road!”)
We found the new trail but about a half-mile along, a skunk waddled across the trail, so we hustled back to the campground to see this view of our neighbor’s camper with the sun still on the mountains:


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