Monday, October 7th-Memories and One Surprise

Today we drove some around Portland-aka “The Hipster Capital of America.” Yes, the spirit of KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD lives on! We drove by Cascade, our home in Gresham, and had dinner at Chang’s Mongolian Grill-always a treat! We have mixed feelings about Portland and our 10 years there.

One thing we noticed about Portland is the extremely large homeless population. You don’t just notice this population hanging around at shelters or even asking for food/money at the freeway entrances. What shocked us is the number of homeless “Camps” for lack of a better word. We have probably seen 15-20 of these spread around Portland. Here a pic Diana took of one of them on I-5 just North of downtown:

Many of these are under overpasses so the homeless don’t get wet in the rain. Diana and I are amazed that the city allows this. I sure don’t have all the answers to the homeless and/or mental health issues going on in the USA but the Hipster Capital needs to take some action..... I cannot imagine the sanitary conditions in places like this.


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