Monday, October 21st-blue-Blue-BLUE!

Today was a mostly clear day so Crater Lake was so blue it is breathtaking! I took about 15-20 pics of the lake and this one is my favorite:

The walk around the rim is like walking through a postcard! In case you want a picture that is just blue, try this one:

Here’s a pic of Wizard Island near the West shore of the lake:

Wizard Island is another geological oddity because it’s the only place in the lake where lava continued to erupt after Mt. Mazama collapsed. We’ve taken the boat trips to WI in the past and walked down into the Crater at the top of the island. THAT Crater is 300 feet across and 90 feet deep-weird, I know!

I tried to explain, in my own sick and twisted way, how Crater Lake was created. We saw this on our walk around the lake:

You may have to enlarge the pic but reading it provides a very brief, clear explanation of Crater Lake came to be! It GREW, BLEW, FELL, and FILLED!


  1. So gorgeous! Hopefully we'll get out to see it sometime soon!


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