Wednesday, August 28th-We’re Going to Miss Haines

I walked out of the camper this morning and these were the views I had:

We’ve had a few nice campgrounds on this trip but NONE of them can match the oceanfront location here! Just for grins, here’s a pic of using having lunch today:
Life is tough, isn’t it?

Tonight we’re gettin on a ferry to return to British Columbia, Canada so we’ll basically be inaccessible for the next two days. We may have some cell coverage at the 4-5 stops so I’ll try to post something then if I can find some coverage. Our last remaining drive in Alaska will be from the campground to the ferry terminal here in Haines. The ferry stops in Juneau, Kake, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Ketchikan on the way to Prince Rupert, BC. I checked a map and none of those cities have ANY highway access! Can you imagine a state capital like Juneau that can be reached only by boat or airplane?

One thing I haven’t written about Alaska is the expense of things. Alaska is more expensive than any of the 49 states I’ve been to except for Hawaii. AK and HI share high costs AND the reasons for those high costs. AK and HI are both remote and somewhat inaccessible. That means that most of the items have to shipped long distances and prices go up when costs go up. This is ECON 101 in a nutshell!

We’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of Haines, and Alaska has been absolutely amazing, but the ferry through the inner passage should be beautiful too. The only time there is much activity in Haines is when the cruise ships are docked here. There have been three very large cruise ships and two smaller ones in the last four days. Things around here get a little busier when the large cruise ships have 1,500 or 2,000 people walking around Haines.

We will have more to say about Alaska so stay tuned!


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