Tuesday, August 6th-Homer and VERY Good News!

Homer is the largest city on The Kenai with a population of only about 6,000. It’s known as “The Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.” So you need to come here if you enjoy fishing for Halibut! Here’s a pic of our campground where we’ll be for the next 3-4 days:
We carried our chairs down a small trail and had lunch looking at the mountains over the inlet. That’s a horrible place to sit and have coffee in the morning, isn’t it?

These things happen along Alaskan highways called “Moosejams” and “Bearjams.” This is where a bear or a moose is alongside the road and most of the traffic stops to look and take pictures. We ran into a Moosejam today and here is a pic of Marty Moose:

The very good news is that we’re going to be able to catch a ferry part of the way home to the lower 48! We were out on the Homer Spit (more on this later) and saw the Homer Ferry Terminal. On a whim, we went in and talked with an agent about what we wanted to do. Well, it seems that there is space for us and the truck/RV leaving from Haines, AK to Prince Rupert, BC. It is a drive from The Kenai to Haines but it’s better than driving the entire direction of 1,400 miles on the Alaska Highway in the opposite direction. We booked space for us and our home (the truck and camper!) to leave Haines on August 28th and arriving in Prince Rupert on the 30th. We have a fully-equipped cabin for two nights and, NO, it didn’t cost half as much as the ferry from Whittier to PR! The ferry follows the Inner Passage and stops at 4-5 small villages, including the capital-Juneau, along the way. It will save some $$ because of less fuel used and campground fees but we’re doing it mainly for the unique experience and a chance to see the Inner Passage. So we have three more weeks to explore Alaska and drive down to Haines. We’re excited about it!


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