Tuesday, August 27th-Chilkat State Park Near Haines

It was very nice to talk with Carol McKenzie and Lisa Hall this morning! I sure miss all those wonderful co-workers at LSC-Kingwood!

Today we drove about 10 miles from Haines to this state park. Here are three things we saw on the way there:

This is Mud Flat Road going from Haines to the state park. Beautiful huh? In the lower 48, this would be a national scenic byway or something like that. Here it’s just Mud Flat Road!

I guess you make whatever materials you need for furniture. These were drying in the sun on the side of the road!
We’ve seen a lot of 6% grade roads, a few 8% grades, and 1-2 10% grade roads but 14%?

The hiking today was an almost two-hour jaunt into a temperate rain forest. Here is a pic of part of the trail:

We didn’t hike the entire seven miles (one way!) of the trail. We went as far as Moose Meadow and these are some of the views we had:


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