Thursday, August 22nd-More Random Beauty

Last night we had dinner at a little place called Frosty’s in Haines Junction, YT. I’ve posted a lot of places where we have our picnic lunch so here’s a pic of the view from the deck of Frosty’s:

Today we left the Yukon Territory, drove through a corner of British Columbia and got to our last Alaskan city on this trip-Haines! We didn’t see any moose, caribou, or bears but we do have a bald eagle perched on a pier in front of our campground. It’s misting rain so we couldn’t get a good picture of it but here’s the best we could do:

There is a Bald Eagle preserve just North of here and we may go there one day next week. Haines is famous for being the Bald Eagle capital of the US so we’ll test that then.

We stopped at a couple of places with jaw-dropping views today. Notice that this place doesn’t have a sign or anything. It’s just a run-is-the-mill turnout looking into Canada’s Kluane National Park:

You can’t get bored with the beauty of nature in Alaska, the Yukon, or BC! We catch the ferry from here to Prince Rupert, BC next Wednesday so we have some time for R&R twixt now and then!


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