Thursday, August 15th-From Palmer to Glennallen, AK

Today we left our campground in Palmer and drove the Glenn Highway to Glennallen. We have been amazed by the beautiful flowers and hanging baskets all over Alaska. Here’s a pic of the front of the office and home of the campground owners in Palmer:

We finally asked a native Alaskan about the size and beauty of these hanging baskets and the other fruits and vegetables that are abnormally sized. The answer we got was perfectly logical: the sun shines 16 to 21 hours a day during the growing season and the high temps rarely get above 80 degrees. I’ll buy that! BTW, the campground is Palmer is the Mt View RV Park-can’t imagine where it got its name:

I’ve been posting pics of where we’ve been eating our picnic lunches day so here’s another one for you:

It’s easy to see Diana and Soo Young in this pic but did you notice that monster glacier in the background? If this glacier looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s the glacier we hiked to and on 5-6 weeks ago. It’s 27 miles long and four miles wide at its terminus so it’s a whopper! The other surprising thing about this glacier is that it’s about 100 miles from the nearest ocean! Here’s another pic of it:
It goes from one side of the valley to the other side-the left side of the glacier is “dead” while the right side is alive and advancing. Amazing!


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