Monday, July 29th-Denali, the Kid’s First National Park!

Claire and Ryan first visited Hawaii when they were 11 and 8. They first visited Alaska last week when they were 12 and 9. But they hadn’t visited a U. S. National Park until today. Our first stop was the Visitor Center where they were outfitted with a Discovery Pack. In it, there were binoculars, a water testing kit, a thermometer, a kit for casting animal prints (their favorite!), a Junior Ranger activity book to complete for a base and certificate, and several books to enjoy about the park it’s geology, and its animals. They had a blast learning about Denali and seeing a few of its animals. They ended up seeing moose, one near, ptarmigan, and more ground squirrels than they could count. Here’s a pic of Claire and Ryan being sworn in as Junior Rangers:
We also went to the sled dog kennels since Denali is the only national park that uses sled dogs. The ranger explained to us that the sled dogs and mushers patrol the park during the winter and entertain the park visitors in the summer! The rest of the day was spent hiking miles and miles around the park. And I do mean miles and miles! All in all, it was a fun day for the kids and Sara!


  1. So glad Claire,Ryan, and Sara could share the experience with her grandparents and parents. An experience they won't forget!!!


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