Thursday, June 20th-Sunset WHEN? Sunrise WHEN?

You’d think that we would get used to these sunset and sunrise times but it DOES TAKE SOME GETTING USED TO! Mother Nature woke me up around 2:00 AM this morning and it was weird! Light was streaming in through the windows, door,  and skylights! So here is the weather report for Tok, AK. Checkout the sunset and sunrise times:

Sunrise at 3:16 AM and sunset at 11:48 PM? Whazzup with THAT? We still have a ways to go North to Fairbanks but I guess that’s where we’ll see the midnight sun. Speaking of Fairbanks, we were going to go there tomorrow but we ran into a snag. All the campgrounds were full so we’re having to spend an extra day in Tok. Tomorrow night is a baseball game in Fairbanks where the game starts at 10:00 PM and is played to the finish WITHOUT LIGHTS! It’s called the summer Solstice game and it happens every year on the longest sunshine day of the year.

Here’s another unique fact about Alaska: The ground between the campsites here is SOFT! You sink in an inch or two when you walk on the dirt! We read about the concept of “muskeg” at a museum about the Alaska Highway before we left Dawson Creek, BC. The American Army engineers had never encountered it before the construction of the highway. They eventually had to “corduroy it” by laying logs across the roadbed.

In addition to reserving RV sites for a week in Fairbanks, we also reserved sites for 8 days near Denali NP. So I guess our accommodations locations are set for the next two weeks. It will be an experience to see a mountain over 20,000 feet in elevation!


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