Thursday, June 13th-A STRANGE Gas Station!

We were about 175 miles on the Alaska Highway so we drove into a place that advertised GDP-Gas-Diesel-Propane. The first rather unusual thing I noticed is that the giant fuel tanks were sitting in the middle of the lot. The guy in front of me was a Canadian from Ontario and HE didn’t even know where or how to pay for the fuel! There was no place on the outside of these tanks to insert a card! Diana and I were trying to figger it out while the guy from Ontario went inside the restaurant to ask. He came back out and found a room the size of two people where consumers could prepay for their fuel. You had to put the off-on switch to OFF, go swipe your card in that little room, put the off-on switch to ON, fill your tank, put the switch back to OFF, and then go back to the little room to swipe your card again to get your receipt! I was exhausted after all that running around!

A couple from Sun River, OR drove up just before we left and I explained the process to him. Other than that strange service station, the road has been good. The road is all paved but very mountainous between Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson, BC. Basically, we’ve crossed the Canadian Rockies so you can imagine how beautiful the scenery has been. By the way, here’s a screenshot that shows you that sunrise this morning was at 3:58 AM with sunset at 10:20 PM!


  1. I believe I mentioned the lengthened days a couple of months ago!! How early do you get up?

  2. That's so strange! They could at least put some directions out there so everyone isn't so confused!


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