Sunday, June 16th-Finally to Alaska!

Vice Island in Lake Tagish
Well, it has taken us over a month but we finally made it to Alaska! If just for one day! As I said yesterday, we’re in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and we decided to drive down the Klondike Highway for a day. We spent most of the day in Skagway, AK so today was a 1 state, 2 province, 2 country day! While Skagway is a cute little touristy city, the drive there and back made it magnificent! Here are two pics we took alongside the highway and one really funny T-shirt in a shop window:
Emerald Lake on the Klondike Highway

This Kinda Puts the Size Issue to Rest, Doesn’t It?
There were two cruise ships anchored in Skagway so there were, oh, 4-5,000 tourists there. We read a couple of interesting facts about Skagway. Get this-First, there were about 1.4 million tourists visited Skagway in 2018 and about 1.3 million of them came on cruise ships! Second, Skagway has a permanent population of about 800 and there can be 10X as many (8,000!) visitors there when three cruise ships are docked. Somehow that gives an entirely new meaning to the term Gold Rush! Here’s a pic of the two docked there today:
Cruise Ships in Skagway

The weather has been just about perfect. The highs today were in the 70’s and  lows in the 40’s.  It’s been misty off ‘n on but it’s still been nicer weather than Texas!


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