Friday, June 21st-BEAR!

Today is the ultimate day of relaxing. We’re at the Tundra RV Park in Tok with not much to see or do-just an almost deserted campground with moderate weather set in the trees (read BEAUTIFUL!). The high temps here are in the mid 70’s while the lows have been from the upper 40’s to the mid 50’s. Diana did a load of laundry this morning while I’m gonna grade some homework assignments for the two online classes I have this summer.

While bears aren’t around this campground, we have seen 8-10 bears along the side of the roads. Here’s a pic Diana took in the Yukon of a grizzly:

Now that we’re in Alaska, we’re going to buy some bear spray for our hikes. We were going to buy it in Canada but we heard that it may be considered a weapon when you cross an international border. We’ll buy it in Fairbanks and hopefully won’t have to use it!


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