Tuesday, June 4th-2 Challengers to Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe has always been the most beautiful lake in the US to me. We’ve skied there several times in the winter and vacationed there in the summer. We’ve snowmobiled there, been on two different boats on the lake, gambled at the casinos on the Nevada side, and generally enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the BLUE waters of Lake Tahoe. We love Lake Tahoe!

But we’ve finally seen two lakes that give it some competition. The first is Flathead Lake South of Kalispell, MT. It’s surrounded by mountains like Tahoe but without all of the development. Also, the water is deep green rather than the blue that LT is known for. The second is Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park. McDonald, like Flathead, has almost no commercial development around it. This lake beats Flathead because it is so heavily wooded. So after all this hoo-ha-ha, here’s my opinion of America’s most beautiful lakes: #3-Flathead Lake, #2-Lake McDonald, and (drum-roll please!) Lake Tahoe! NOTHING can beat the deep blue water (well, other than the deeper blue of Crater Lake!) and the usually snow-capped peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe.

Yesterday we drove from Garrison to Columbia Falls, MT. We’re staying here for 3-4 days because this campground, Columbia Falls RV Park, is perhaps the cleanest RV park we’ve ever seen. We can walk to Main St so everything is very convenient. Also, the Wi-Fi here is the fastest we’ve experienced.

Here are a couple of pics of Glacier NP and our campsite in Columbia Falls.
Diana with Soo Young at the West Entrance
McDonald River that feeds the lake-Clear as a bell!
Another pic of the McDonald River
Our home in Columbia Falls, MT


  1. Gorgeous! My brother in law is from Valier, MT. If you head that way, check out Rock City. It's very cool and my sister and he got married there!

  2. Beautiful! The campground looks very clean and a great place to stay for a few days. Wish we were with you guys.


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