Wed, May 29th-To Moab and Arches National Park

It was a short 2 hour drive from Diana’s favorite (casino!) campground to “America’s Vacationland” Moab, UT. Every other vehicle here has bicycles on their bumper or they are driving an RV. People come here to mountain bike, 4X4, kayak, hike, climb, Jeep, and anything outdoors. We spent all afternoon and half the evening hiking and exploring Arches National Park. We saw half a dozen different arches, some otherworldly geologic features, and did it all with a HIGH temp of 72 degrees! Diana and I hiked the same trails and she got over 15,000 steps while I only got 13,000! Here are a couple of pics to help you get an idea of what Arches NP is like:
Diana at Balanced Rock in Arches NP
Skyline Arch in Arches NP
We had plans to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon but we didn’t make reservations in time-the campgrounds were full. We’ve been to the South Rim 4-5 times and even been down to Phantom Ranch twice-once on mules and once hiking. Soooo, it looks like we’ll catch the North Rim another time.
Tomorrow we’re visiting and hiking Canyonlands National Park. It’s still in the SE corner of Utah but it’s farther from Moab than Arches.
Double Arch in Arches NP


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