This Campground in Albuquerque

This campground has 4-5 antique RV's and cars of the same era sitting behind the office. They told me in the office that the campground used to rent the RV's out to people looking for a place to stay but they've stopped doing that because they can't find replacement parts. Seeing the antique campers is okay but the old cars are really cool. Here are a couple of pics of them:

Today we wandered about Old Town Albuquerque (think like Santa Fe and NOT San Antonio!) and hiked 2.2 miles at the Petroglyph National Monument. I'm no kind of a photographer but I managed to get this one pic that shows what they are like. Take a look
Today we're headed up Sandia Peak on the tramway to hike around the mountain. Then we're headed back to the Petroglyphs for more hikes.


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