Thurs, Nov 19, 2020-Big Sur and the PCH

 Today we drove from Monterey about 60 miles South on the PCH-Pacific Coast Highway. If you Google “Scenic drives in the USA,” this drive will be pretty close to the top. 

Again, the main attraction is the coast. The coast of TX is dominated by 3-4 barrier islands like Galveston, Mustang, and Padre Island but the Central CA Coast is nothing like that! The Coast and the Santa Lucia Ranges of mountains drop down to the blue Pacific with the PCH going up and down following the mountains. Here are a couple of pics just to get your imagination started:

There are turnouts about every quarter mile of the PCH, always on the coast side of the road. We stopped at one just to see the views up and down the coast. But WAIT! What’s that sound? We could hear faint barks and grunts in the distance. Out come the binocs and we search the rocks 2-300 ft below us. Diana spotted a rock with 10-12 seals on it with a pod of 15-20 sea otters about 50 feet from the rock. Here the pic but you have to enlarge it a lot to see the out-of-focus seals and otters:
This following is one of my favorite pics of the Big Sur Coast:

Just for laughs, here’s a pic of Diana holding Little Dottie when the wind caught her ears turning into airplane wings: (Dottie’s ears . . . . NOT Diana’s!)
Enough, Mike, enough! We don’t know where we’re going tomorrow or what we might see and/or experience so stay tuned!


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