Thurs, Nov 12, 2020-The Mariposa Grove at YNP

Here’s my favorite pic from the Mariposa Grove: (I didn’t care too much for the sign there but the rest of the picture is BEAUTIFUL!)

This is our third NP in a row to see Sequoia trees but they are worth it! This grove is in Yosemite but it’s 20-30 miles from the Yosemite Valley that I wrote about yesterday. 

The shuttle buses aren’t running so the only way to reach the Mariposa Grove is on foot! It’s a two-mile hike up this trail:

The elevation change wasn’t too bad since it’s only about 600 feet up from the trailhead parking lot. Most of it was snow covered but there were a few places like this where the sun had melted the snow:

We hiked about 1.6 miles through the grove and saw sights like these:

I hate it when these magnificent trees have been defaced by us humans but there IS one of those in the Mariposa Grove. Here’s a pic with my arms spread out to show how wide the hole was cut through the tree:
We were able to hike the two-miles down on the road for the disabled so it wasn’t nearly as snowy and icy as the trail going up.

To close this post about Sequoias and the Mariposa Grove, here’s a quote from John Muir about them:
Pretty powerful words!


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