Sunday, Nov 29, 2020-Red Rocks Sedona

We planned to stay in Flagstaff for two days so we could spend one full day in Sedona. We brought the kids here after the down and back up the Grand Canyon  trip years ago. We were so tired then, we didn’t feel like poking around all the red rock formations. 

Well, we were rested today so we made a day of it! First, the drive to Sedona from Flagstaff IS memorable! There wasn’t a place where could get a good picture of Oak Creek Canyon so here’s the next best thing-two pics of the GPS in the truck showing what the road looked like:

The second pic here was zoomed out to make the road look like a drunk snake! When I was driving there and saw the second pic on the dashboard, I at first thought the GPS had gone haywire but it was just the road.

Downtown Sedona is a mini-tourist heaven full of art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, and just plain ol’ Junque Joint souvenir shops. We walked a couple of blocks and then went to see the real beauty of Sedona:

These two pics were taken on a butte near the airport and show some of the city in the foreground. 

Here are a couple more pics of the red rocks surrounding the city:

Sedona is another one of those places that all Americans should see because it’s really pretty and truly unique!


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