Mon, Nov 2, 2020-Badwater Basin in Death Valley NP

 Last night I mentioned that DV has the lowest point in the US. Here’s a pic of us, with me holding Dottie, by the Badwater Basin sign:

The sign IS hard to read but basically it indicates Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level! To put this into perspective, there is the tiniest little white sign up the side of this mountain that indicates Sea Level. It’s hard to see but it’s there!

Somehow I expected to see more water accumulated at the lowest point in the US .... but NO! Here’s another pic of the tiny little stream:
We drove to a place called Artists Palette and had our picnic lunch there. You can see a LOT of shades of brown plus salmon and aquamarine up in the rocks:
The road along Artists Drive was sort of a slot canton for cars and trucks:

Oh, I almost forgot about the herd of wild burrows we saw on the side of the road. Now that isn’t something you see every day!


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