Sunday, Oct 11, 2020-Capitol Reef NP

 On the Alaska Highway during the summer of 2019, we learned a new phrase-Frost Heave. That when a section of the permafrost melts and a massive dip is created in a Highway. 

Today the new word we learned is Monocline. I know very little about the geology of earth’s surface (!) but the best definition I’ve been able to find is that a Monocline is a wrinkle in the surface of the earth! 

Capitol Reef NP’s defining feature is the nearly 100 mile long “wrinkle” named the Waterpocket Fold. If you want a deeper explanation, it’s Deposition, Uplift, and Erosion. It’s extraordinary geology as these pictures show:

We’re hiking the Grand Wash and Hickman Bridge Trails tomorrow. We’ll post some pics tomorrow night.


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