Monday, Oct 12, 2020-Hiking at Capitol Reef NP

We got in seven miles of trails today in Capitol Reef. The first was 4.5 miles out and back on the Grand Wash Trail. It was very flat and followed a canyon that was 50 to 100 feet wife and from 200 to probably 500 feet high. The layers of the sedimentary rock varied from red to gray to tan to black to brown.

The second trail was 2.5 miles to a 133 foot natural bridge but this trail has a 400 foot elevation rise so it was shorter but more challenging. 

We were hiking along on this family-oriented trail and saw two strange things: First, we saw a couple hiking this rocky trail bare footed. I commented on this to the guy, who was in the lead, and then saw the woman wearing nothing above her waist! Maybe in CA or even AZ but Utah?

Here is another pic of the wash:


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