Wednesday, October 2nd-The Mountains Are Out!

Weather report: It was 34 degrees when we got up this morning! (Now that you’re fully bummed-out over the heat you’re having, I’ll continue)

We spent Monday in Mt Rainier NP but didn’t get to see the summit but today made up for it! To start with, we hiked almost 800 vertical feet above the Paradise Visitor Center. We were still 8,000 feet below the 14,410 summit but it sure seemed a lot closer:
We turned to the South and got this view of Mt St Helens:
You can always distinguish Mt St Helens because the 1980 eruption left it without a cone-shaped summit. If you enlarge this pic, you can see the walls of the crater and “Muffy” still growing. Then we turned to the SE and had this view of Mt Adams:
We were hiking along enjoying the beautiful views when we heard a screeching whistle and it was a marmot:

We saw a bear cross our trail about 100 yards in front of us:


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