Saturday, October 26-Good News and Bad News About Lake Tahoe!

We got to Lake Tahoe about dark-30 on Friday night. We drove through Truckee (on the CA side) down to the lake and then around the Nevada side to Zephyr Cove RV Park. We’re about four miles North of Stateline.

First the good news: Lake Tahoe is a gift! The water is almost as blue as the water in Crater Lake but LT is much bigger. The lake is roughly rectangular with the dimensions being roughly ten by twenty miles. Everyone who has ever been here has a favorite part of the lake. The favorite part of LT for Diana and I has always been the area around Emerald Bay. Here are a couple of pics:

Now for the bad news: I took a pretty nasty fall. I’m okay but here’s a quick summary: I have a broken right thumb and the orthopedic surgeon put a pin in it, with a couple of stitches, so it will heal correctly. My left knee has a hairline fracture so it’s immobilized with a flexbrace. Several stitches in my head and that pretty much does it. Look at the rocks at the bottom of the lower picture above and you’ll get an idea of who won that battle!

Since I can’t drive, we’re trying to decide what to do now. We’ve had offers from our son-in-law, his Dad, and our brother-in-law to help Diana drive home. We appreciate their assistance but we won’t make a decision until we have all the information. (Ahem, one of us has decided what we need to do but the other person hasn’t made up his stubborn mind🤨!)


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry about your fall and I hope you heal quickly and you guys decide on what to do and feel good about it.


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