Saturday, October 19th-Back to Nature!

Yesterday we camped in a small town South of Eugene, OR. I checked the Gas Buddy app for the cheapest diesel near there and it redirected me to Cottage Grove, OR. I knew I’d heard of Cottage Grove but it took a few minutes of thrashing around the old and tired memory banks to remember WHY . . . . Do you the late 70’s raunchy comedy called Animal House? Well, the famous parade near the end of the movie was filmed almost 40 years ago on Main St in Cottage Grove! After we drove there, we had to come back and watch the movie again. It’s still funny! Main St still looks the same as in the movie except the trees are bigger. 

Today we got to Prospect, OR near Crater Lake NP. We found some hiking trails near the Rogue River and here are a couple of pics of the natural beauty of Oregon:


  1. Beautiful! Glad Diana is back and you guys are on the road again!


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