Tuesday, September 10th-Wildlife in the Campground

After taking care of my one ODR (Hello LSC-Kingwood faculty!) this morning, we went on a hike around our campground this afternoon. We saw 12 Bighorn Sheep and five deer IN OUR CAMPGROUND! This week we’re staying at Redstreak Campground in Kootenay NP. Oh, that reminds me of something-I wrote that there are five national parks here in the Canadian Rockies. Well, I was wrong . . . . . There are SIX! I missed Mount Revelstoke NP on Canada 1.

Okay, back to the wildlife: here are a coupla pics:

The deer weren’t quite as docile as the bighorns but they stayed in a field near the campground entrance for 30-40 minutes: Here are two of them checkin’ me out:


  1. Isla would like to know why the 'goats' have such big horns? Lol

    1. They do look like goats except with big horns that almost complete the circle


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