Sunday, September 29th-Gaelon and Kristi’s Fam!

Today we drove from Forks to Randle, WA. Along the way, we made it a point to go by Gaelon and Kristi Spradley’s and catch up with them. We hadn’t seen them since we moved from Portland more than 10 years ago. Their family has grown by four adorable children- Willa, Cormick, Eloise, and Lucas. They also have bought a new to them home on a lovely acreage just outside of Chehalis. Their new home is the perfect place for kids to grow up! All four of us promised it wouldn’t be 10 years until the next time we get together.

Highway 101 follows the WA coast for a while South of Forks and there were some drop-dead gorgeous beaches along the way. Here are a couple of pics of Ruby Beach, WA:

Pretty place indeed!


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