Saturday, September 7th-Red Chairs, Scenery, and Animals!

Today was close to a record setting day for viewing wildlife. We saw a herd of bighorn sheep, a deer, a moose, and a caribou. Here’s a pic of the bighorns:

They were in a roadside turnout and caused quite the “Sheepjam!” We followed them down the shoulder of the road until they went down a cliff (!) to Medicine Lake. Here’s another pic of the drive along Medicine Lake:

Medicine Lake isn’t even the star of the Maligne (Ma-lean) Valley. The first star is the Maligne Canyon. The canyon is a narrow but deep gorge where the Maligne River flows. I’ve got pics on my phone but I’m using Diana’s now so pics of the canyon will have to wait.

The second star of the valley is Maligne Lake at the end of the road. Again, the pics of the lake are on my phone so I’ll post them here when we have wi-fi. To say that the views are jaw-dropping would be an. Understatement! We took a hike to Moose Lake and the name delivered! Here a pic of the moose standing in the lake maybe 100 yards away:

Canadian National Parks have a program called Red Chairs. That means that particular scenic locations have been selected and two red Adirondack style chairs have been placed there. Well, we stopped in a little turnout near a river and Diana found the red chairs! Here’s a pic of the old man with Soo Young’s head peeking behind the ice chest:

All in all today was a wonderful day with magnificent scenery, Red Chairs, great hikes, and all with the love of my life!


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