Friday, September 27th-Hoh Rainforest

We spent today at the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic NP. The trails here are different from those in most of the places we’ve been. The most noticeable difference is everything here is lush and green. The rainforest averages about 12 feet or 150 inches of rain a year and, with all that moisture, it certainly stays green! Here’s a pic of the herd of Wapiti deer crossing the road. As you can see there was a “Deerjam!

Here are some random pics of places in the park. Whaddaya think?

Of all the amazing scenery, two things really stood out: First, here’s the Bride and I near the former root system of a fallen tree: (and, yes, that was a VERY large tree!)

The fallen dead tree then becomes a “Nurserylog” as other trees take root and grow from the nutrients in the fallen tree. You can see the trees growing up at the top of the pic. The trees grow along the trunk into what are called colonnades, as shown here:

The second amazing thing is that the moss covers almost everything in the forest. I tried to get a picture of it but it is everywhere!


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