Thursday, August 1st-Jackie’s for Breakfast and Mt Alyeska

We rarely eat breakfast out but someone in the campground recommended this little hole-in-the-wall called Jackie’s. It was so hole-in-the-wall, they had grits and biscuits and gravy! Everyone enjoyed it and got fueled up for Girdwood and Mt Alyeska. It is Alaska’s largest ski area and has a view of sea level (the Turnagain Arm) from the top. You can buy a package which includes a tram-gondola ride to the top and lunch in a bistro at the top. Before lunch, Sara and the kids hiked from the top of the tram to the top of the adjacent chair lift. Diana and I waited for them about halfway up-the three of them are a LOT younger than we are! Here is a pic of the five of us near the top of the tram with the sea level Turnagain Arm in the background:

We all enjoyed the cool clean air at the top until someone whose name I won’t mention (initials SGF!) said “Hey, why don’t we hike back down?” There are two trails hiking back down and we chose the one that was less steep. It was a nice 2.5 mile hike back down to where the truck was parked. I’ll tell you, your muscles work differently when you’re going DOWN and putting on the brakes the whole time! Oh, here’s a pic of a sign we saw near the top of the tram:

From there, it was back to the airport. Diana and I enjoyed seeing Sara, Claire, and Ryan and were sad to see them go. They all seemed to enjoy their trip to Alaska and Sara was already talking about returning with Caleb.


  1. What fun memories you got to create with them! And yes, hiking downhill is hard on the knees! I'm super impressed by all of you!


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