Sunday, August 11th-Another National Park and Glacier?

Yep, the new National Park is Kenai Fjords NP and the new in-your-face glacier is the Exit Glacier. Here’s a pic of each:

We took a two mile hike up to the foot of Exit Glacier. We had to take a longer trail to get to the Glacier Overlook. Here’s a pic of WHY we had to take a longer trail. We had Bear Spray with us but still ..... Good call!

The name Exit Glacier came from the fact that early explorers used it when they exited the Harding Icefield. What is the Harding Icefield, you say? I asked the same question and this is the answer I got: the HI is a north America’s largest contiguous Icefield encompassing 800 square miles and creating almost 40 glaciers. 800 sq miles? Apparently it’s roughly 20 miles by about 40 miles! Anyway, anywhere in the mountain range there is a low spot, a glacier forms. Of course you understand that this takes eight or 10 thousand years! There is a trail going to see the HI but it’s 4.2 miles one way with a significant elevation change. These old legs just weren’t good for it!

There was a Holland America cruise ship docked in Seward and it makes our third cruise ship port where there was a cruise ship docked.


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