Saturday, August 10th-From Homer to Seward

We left beautiful Homer headed for unknown Seward today around Noon. We stopped at a place on Kenai Lake for our picnic lunch. Isn’t the view horrible?

There was a Chinese family there visiting friends in San Francisco and he offered to take a pic of us. The sun wasn’t right but it’s okay:

We drove from Homer to Seward today. We ended up in a campground North of Seward a few miles with electricity as the only hookup. The problem with campgrounds in Seward is that there is a Salmon Derby going on until the 18th so we didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. But who can complain at $25 per night? Showers will consist of quick wash downs in the morning. It’s so cool on most nights that we close the windows and even turn the electric blanket on sometimes. We walked around Seward a few hours this afternoon and found the city to be tourist friendly. We did a little grocery shopping at Safeway so we’ll have enough grub until we get back to Anchorage. 

All in all, it was a beautiful drive from Homer to Seward with my favorite person in the whole world!


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