Monday, August 5th-The Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula is South of Anchorage from 50 to 250 miles and juts our into the Gulf of Alaska. We’ve found “The Kenai” to be one of the most beautiful parts of Alaska! Some parts of Alaska are what we might call “rode hard and put away wet” meaning that it’s not well cared-for. Like deep East Texas, there are many homesteads where people discard machinery in their yards and generally don’t take care of their homes. The Kenai is different-almost all of what we’ve seen has been neat and clean. The scenery? I’ve got three words to describe it: 1) A 2) MAZ 3) ING! We drove through mountains on the way here that looked like they could be in Switzerland! There are FOUR snow-capped volcanoes along the North side of the Cook Inlet that stand there looking like sentries guarding the inlet. Here’s a pic Diana took of one of them with Alaska’s state plant-Fireweek in the foreground:

My Readout along the Cook Inlet


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