Friday, August 9th-A Beautiful Day in Homer!

Here is a pic from where we sat and had coffee this morning:

It’s easy to see why so many people spend their summers in Homer. I don’t mean to rub it in about the Texas and (Ch)oklahoma comfortable weather this summer but .....the high temps here have been mainly in the upper 60’s and the lower 70’s while the lows have been around 50 on most nights. We have had I think four high temps in the 80’s but those were more than a month ago. Sorry about that 100 degrees plus you’re having in TX and OK but the weather here is perfect now. Everyone tells us that the temps drop dramatically in Sept before the Oct snow starts falling. NO, we don’t want to spend a Winter in Alaska but the summers are magnificent!

Our picnic lunch today had this view from our campsite:
The pic above was taken off to one side. This one is straight down the hill to Cook Inlet. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

This morning we went to the Islands & Oceans (Free!) Visitor’s Center which is the public arm of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. It’s full of information on the plants, animals, and geology of the Aleutian Islands chain that stretch almost to Russia. This afternoon we did something we hadn’t done in a LONG time-wash the truck! With all the construction and dust on the roads here, the truck had taken on a tannish hue. Now it’s back to its Crater Lake BLUE!


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