Friday, August 23rd-Haines, AK

Most of today has been spent in the public library glomming on the free wi-fi! I’m still going to teach one online class each semester and most of today was spent getting ready for this Fall semester. We walked to the library in Haines and decided that it’s a cute little town! Here’s a pic from our campground here:

The name of this campground is Oceanfront RV Park and it sure is! We can walk across the parking lot to the water of the Chilkat Inlet. Here’s another pic from Main Street Haines down to the water:

Haines isn’t nearly as “touristy” as Homer or Seward but the mountains around the inlet are just as beautiful. We haven’t spent a lot of time “splorin’ Haines yet but we have four full days until the ferry leaves.

Late this afternoon we drove to Chilkoot Lake to look for bears and bald eagles. We didn’t see ANY on the way or while we were at the lake. However, we hit paydirt on the way back! We saw this bald eagle sitting majestically on top of a tree AND this bear catching a Salmon near a fish weir. That was an awesome afternoon!

We have further confirmation that FALL HAS FELL in Alaska. First, the temperatures have remained in the 30’s at night and reached highs in the 50’s during the day! Second, I’ve started wearing long pants again! It’s been shorts, T’s, and sandals 99% of the time since we left TX in May. I’ve worn jeans TWO DAYS since then. The first time was when it snowed on us in Glacier NP in Montana. The second time was we went on the Glacier Tour with Sara and the kids from Whittier. It looks like it’s time . . . .


  1. Beautiful campground! And love all the animal spottings! And looks like you're getting out of Alaska just in time to beat the snow!


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