Sunday, Jul 14th-Alaskans Like to Poke Fun at Texas!

Today we went to the Anchorage Market and Festival in downtown. We saw more of those T-shirts that make fun of the size of Texas. If you can’t quite make out what written on ‘em in the following pic, the one on the left is Alaska talking about Texas with a meme of that famous line from the movie Scarface “Say hello to my little friend!” The one on the right suggests that Alaska be cut in half to make TX the third largest state. As someone who was born in TX, raised in TX, and lived most of my adult life in TX, they are still pretty darn funny!
If you’re interested in unique foods, try halibut, reindeer, and salmon tacos and burritos! The sign on the right is suggesting salmon burgers and quesadillas! Somehow we couldn’t force ourselves!
If you still can’t resist, try reindeer sausage and wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Dogs! We love hot dogs as much as the next person, but Salmon Hot Dogs? NOPE!

We went in yet another Junque Joint and I saw these two wild animals together! (But I’m kinda partial to the one on the bottom of the pic!)


  1. I can’t wait to eat all that food!! Less than a week!!


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