Saturday, July 6th-Costco?

Today we loaded up in Denali and drove to Anchorage. Along the 237 miles, we had a few more good looks at the mountain. Diana took the first of these pics about 30 miles South of the park entrance. The second pic was taken at a highway turnout about 15-20 miles from the mountain:

Okay, what about Costco? Well, you have to think of the characteristics of a perfect campground-Here are the details about our home for the next three weeks: Shady site? Yes Large site? On the smallish side Friendly neighbors? Yes, so far Clean bathrooms? Yes Affordable laundry? Yes Proximity to Costco? YES! RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! 

So we head over to Costco for a Fine Dining Experience-Whazzat? Hot dogs with sauerkraut and a Diet Pepsi! THAT’S a FDE! Anyway, we’re walking through Costco looking for the food court and look at these three products for sale!

Now, I challenge anyone reading this (All 5 of you!) to find a Costco in the Lower 48 that sells 1) frozen fish boxes, 2) bear spray, and 3) 5 foot diameter fish dip nets! 


  1. Hey Mike & Diana ~ We've got Costcos that sell bear spray! So fun to "see" your adventures together. (Buy the bear spray!) ~ Kristi Spradley


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