Friday, July 26th-Glaciers!

Caleb had to work so Sara, Claire, and Ryan flew to Anchorage to spend a week seeing part of Alaska with us. Today we saw glaciers! We went on a glacier cruise from Whittier. It’s over on Prince William sound through that weird one lane train-truck-car tunnel.  Anyway, the boat is a high speed catamaran that covered 140 miles in 5 hours. You go up these inlets called the College and Harriman Fjords. We saw orcas, sea lions, one bald eagle, a large nest of sea otters and a LOT of glaciers. Claire and Ryan were appointed Junior Rangers by the Park Service Ranger who is on board to narrate the trip. Diana, Sara, and I had Glacier Ice Margaritas so a good time was had by all. Here are a few pics for you to kinda get the idea:

Of all the glaciers we saw, the star of the show was the Surprise Glacier up the Harriman Fjord. We’d seen videos of glaciers calving but to see it in person is an outta the world experience. I was surprised to hear a shotgun-like blast when the chunk of ice broke away from the glacier. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day with Sara and the kids!
It took me 71 years to ever see a Bald Eagle in the wild!


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