Sunday, June 23rd-Is This A Walmart or an RV Park?

Today we went to the Midnight Sun Festival in downtown Fairbanks:

No, we didn’t eat Rudolph but his cousin was delicious! By the way, that’s Diana’s joke-not mine! She’s a lot funnier than I am when it hits her!

Here we are at the Antler Entrance to Fairbanks’s Riverfront Park:

Two things were very different about our first Fairbanks Walmart: We had heard of RV’s camping in Walmart parking lots. We’ve actually seen 3-4 RVs in Wally World lots in Colorado but today we saw THIRTY ONE RVs set up in the WM store we went to. Their slide-outs were out, their generators were making electricity, and their RVs were leveled. There were 4-5 rows of them! This pic can’t capture all of them but you can get the idea:

The other thing I’d never seen before was electrical plugs ins in the parking lot for the employees’s cars. Check this out:

Before we left New Caney, Diana made window covering to keep all this sunlight out of the camper when we’re trying to sleep. She put them all up last night and they worked. Who can sleep when the sun sets at almost 1:00 AM and rises before 3:00 AM?


  1. Wow! 31 RVs in the parking lot! That's funny! Great job being creative on the windows, Diana!


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