Sat, June 8th-St Mary & Many Glacier Entrances to Glacier NP

West Glacier IS beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. But in my opinion, the best views of Glacier NP are on the East side. Here are a couple of pics of the East side. . . . . what do you think?
St Mary Lake
St Mary Waterfall
A Deer on the Trail
Swift current Lake
As you might have read earlier today, it snowed for about 3 hours or so this morning. The temps today have varied from 33 to 50. We got in 4.2 miles of hikes today and you saw a pic of the deer that we met on the trail! It rained on us a little but fortunately I have a North Face jacket that is dry and warm. Thanks again to my friends and coworkers at LSC-Kingwood!

We left New Caney, TX a little over 3 weeks ago and we’re not even to Canada yet! We’re about 30 South of the border so we’ll cross the customs and immigration station at Carway, Alberta on the way to Calgary. I can’t help but share another pic of the East side of Glacier NP:


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