Monday, June 10th-WHERE?

Have you ever heard of Whitecourt, Alberta? Well, we hadn’t either until this afternoon! We’re driving toward Dawson Creek, British Columbia. DC, BC is the official starting point of the Alcan Highway. That highway has a pretty interesting history and we’ll explore it over the next 4-5 days.

We’ve driven almost exclusively due North today but now we’re angling NW. Oh, I forgot one thing about the Canadian system of weights and measures. You look at the gas pump and it shows you’ve put 90 measures of fuel in your vehicle. I KNOW my truck won’t hold 90 gallons of diesel fuel because the tank only holds 26 gallons . . . . . but it will hold 90 liters of fuel!

Let’s see, there are 3.8 liters in a gallon so it turns out that I put 23.6 gallons of fuel in the truck! Here is a pic of the campground where we are tonight.
Our campground in Whitecourt, AL
This is not much of a campgrounds for travelers (or itinerates like us!) because it’s full of working folks. There were a number of working people in the Forest Retreat campground in New Caney and we’ve learned that there is an entire underground community of people that move from place to place in their RVs as their jobs change.


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