Friday, June 7th-Costco?

Okay, what does Costco have to do with living in an RV and traveling around to see the sights? Well, we love Costco! We’ve shopped there as often as we can. We love the quality of the foods and other products and the fine dining experience of $1.50 hot dogs!

However, there is a problem-it’s that most of the purchases made at Costco come in such LAAAAAARGE quantities. We just don’t have room in the camper to store those products. We needed to stock up on food so we went to a Costco in Kalispell, MT. We bought 2-3 things we needed and then went to a Wally World across the street and bought MOST of the food items we needed. For example, we needed mayonnaise for sandwiches and Ranch Dressing. Rather than buy the large container at Costco, we bought a much smaller size because it will fit in the refrigerator.

We’re waiting on a package to be delivered to the campground from Sara and then we’re headed around to the East entrance of Glacier. We’re going to drive as far as we can up the Going To The Sun Road (Before it’s blocked by snow!). We’ll spend the night on the East side and the go through customs and immigration at either at Chief Mountain or Carway, Alberta.


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