Delayed 1 Day-Saturday, June 29th-Hot in Alaska?

All the information about Denali NP mentions that in the Summer you should be prepared for temps between 35 and 75 degrees F. The information DOESN’T mention that you should be prepared for temps in the upper 80’s! We did some hiking around the Visitor Center with some longer hikes today. We came back to the camper about 4:00 PM yesterday to turn on the A/C and get some respite from the heat. It felt like Houston and we’ve driven 3,300 miles to find cooler weather! Some rain is expected this afternoon so the highs are projected to be back down in the mid 70’s.

Yesterday we went to the Denali Dog Kennel for a tour and demonstration. Denali is the only national park to maintain working dog kennels. Surprisingly, the dogs are actually used in the Winter to deliver supplies and other materials within the park. In the summer, they train on the roads pulling a wheeled sled and perform for the visitors to the park. The dogs aren’t very comfortable in the Summer-The park ranger explained that they are best suited and most comfortable when it’s 10 to 30 degrees BELOW zero. Here’s a pic of Diana and a new found friend. He’s a 4 year-old male named Venture who was born in the park and is very well cared-for.

Here’s a pic of another dog standing on his house. They really are majestic animals! The Park Ranger told us that the dogs are trained from birth to pull heavy weights through the snow. Their diets are mainly high protein foods and they eat 4-5 times as much food in the winter when they are working. These ARE working dogs that are very well cared for.

We were driving back to the campground and saw a lodge up high on the rocks above Nenana Canyon. It was a nice view but it was this sign that made us laugh:

The mosquitos here aren’t quite that big but you do have to spray or roll insect repellant on the exposed surfaces when you’re out hiking.


  1. I'm jealous of you Diana. That dog looks so cute and loving! Seriously I'm happy for you guys. Looks like you are having so much fun! Are those Texas mosquitoes?😏

  2. Beautiful dogs and so interesting! Lol, that's a funny sign!


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