Welcome to Beautiful Amarillo!

When you think of Amarillo, TX, do you think of snow-capped peaks set against a beautiful mountain sky OR azure waves crashing against white sand beaches. If you think of these things, we need to talk and/or get you back on your meds. Here's the truth:
Three things come to mind about this trip through Amarillo, TX: The first is the Big Texan Steak House. It's that crazy place where you get a free 72 oz steak if you can eat it all in one hour. It's this massive steak that look kinda like a very large roast, the large baked potato that comes with it, and all the fixins'. You pay something $70 up front for it. If you finish all of it, they pay you back. We certainly didn't try the challenge but we ate normal meals there about two years ago on the way to Colorado. Here's a picture of the front of the place on I-40 and it's quite the tourist attraction.

The second notable thing about Amarillo is Cadillac Ranch. It's another one of those oddities where there are 10 graffiti-covered junker Cadillac's planted nose down in a prairie field on the West edge of Amarillo. Some people call it art but I call it 10 graffiti-covered junker Cadillac's planted nose down in a prairie field. Oh well. Here's a pic to show you that I'm not joking about this.
The third notable thing is this campground we've staying in. For starters, all of the driveways and parking areas are gravel, NO ONE works in the office, and there are NO bathrooms or showers! It's also set in a wheat field. We chose it because it allows us to use our 50% discount Passport America card. Here's a pic of our camper sitting in our site and a pic of where you "register." For $14 dollars a night with full hook-ups and Wi-Fi, what do you expect?

Most campgrounds have a host in an office who checks you in with someone to lead you to your reserved site. The Aok Campground has an "Office" that looks like this. Notice the locks on the door! No joke!


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