Thurs, May 30-Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands NP isn’t as popular as its neighbor NP, Arches, but it’s just as spectacular! You look down into a canyon on a plateau and below it is another canyon on another plateau! It’s like you’re seeing 2-3 levels of canyons at the same time. We hiked a couple of 1-2 mile trails so Diana got almost 14,000 steps while I managed a measly 12,700. Those steps ARE harder at 6-7000 feet elevation than they are at a couple of hundred feet elevation! Here are a couple of pics of the canyons and one of us at Mesa Arch:
Diana and Mike at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP
You expect to see a scene like this in a movie!
Here is a pic of our campsite in Moab:

Tomorrow we’re headed up toward Northern Utah but it will be mainly a driving day. After UT comes ID and MT and AL(berta) and BC and YT! Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful! I'd be interested to hear what and how you guys are eating on your travels. :)


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