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Welcome to our new blog! We invite you to follow us as we travel throughout the USA and Canada in our Durango fifth-wheel. We'll be sharing the highlights and pictures of our travels on this blog. Rather than retiring in the usual sense, here is a short summary of our retirement plans: 

We've already sold our home in Kingwood, TX. We currently live in our RV in an RV Park North of Kingwood. This means we went from 2560 SF to 335 SF! Now THAT was a real challenge! We'll be updating this blog about the RV in the future. We plan to leave here about the middle of May. We're going to the Dallas area to see our daughter and her family for a while.

Then North to ALASKA! We will probably spend 3-4 weeks getting there because 1) we're retired and 2) we want to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and a few National Parks in Utah and Montana on the way. After exploring Alaska, we'll be headed back to Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Canadian Rockies. We'll probably come back South through CA because we're too close to Lake Tahoe to miss it!

After spending the winter in the South, we'll head roughly up the East Coast next Spring toward the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Neither of us have been to Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Price Edward Island, Newfoundland, etc. 

So welcome and follow along on our journey!


  1. Mike, wanted to let you know I have yall in my favorites and look forward to all those pics. Keep us posted and stay safe. JJ.

    1. HeyJJ-Thanks for the encouraging words! Did you get those books you said you wanted from my empty office? Terri is expecting you to come around sometime this summer. We’ll keep you posted on the travels. Mike

    2. Mike, give me a call when you get a chance. 360-731-9897

  2. So great to meat you two as our paths crossed on the Alaska Marine Hwy between Haines and Prince Rupert. Sharon and I look forward to following your adventures! I don't always drink Fireball but when I do I will think of you both!

    1. Hi Michael and Diane
      Well this is my email
      Phil is philslms@yahoo and philsride on Instagram
      Phil Senese on FB. He makes some funny posts so check him out🐬loved meeting you with your lovely wife! Safe travels we will keep a lookout for ya on the blog.Cheers!🍸


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